Saturday, November 13, 2010


It amazes me how powerful giving is. Lately, that is absolutely all that has been on my mind. What am I going to give everyone for Christmas? How can I give more? Today, I had that question answered. There is a homeless man that has been standing at the bottom of my street everyday for the past week or so, holding a sign like all the others. Something about this man stood out to me though. I'm not sure what it was at all, but for some reason he stood out to me. This is where I come in. Yesterday I was on my way home from class, and as I was rushing home to eat lunch I realized that I can be extremely starving and go home to eat just about anything, but this man doesn't have that luxury. Then I decided to make him a lunch. On my way back down to see him though, he was gone. So today, I went for attempt number two. My boyfriend drove me down, just to be safe, and as soon as we pulled over the man rushed over with an excited look. It made me so happy to see him excited over a grocery bag without knowing what its contents were. Without opening it, he gently took it from me with a smile and made sure to say "thank you" about five times. Once he felt that there was a decent amount of food and goodies in the bag, he said thank you just as many times, but this time added "God Bless". That made my day. This homeless man, who wanders the streets daily and withstands the freezing cold temperatures at night, made my entire day. Now I didn't post this to flaunt my "good deed of the day", I posted this to show how much of an impact giving has. I took five minutes out of my day to make a lunch and throw in some extra things for a complete and total stranger, and not only did it make my day, but his as well. Just think how much better this world would be if people would help out those less fortunate, just because they wanted to help. Not because they were forced to, or wanted to be recognized for it, but just because they were being kind.


  1. This made me very happy. It reminds me of the homeless guy that stand at the entrance of the McWilliams Safeway, and everytime we drive in, I think, "I want to get him a few easy to eat fruits, something that doesn't need any heat, and a candy bar... just 'cause every one like candy!" yet I have never done so. It breaks my heart to think that I think about it, but by the time I get into the store, I forget. I'm going to make this a priority next time I go there and see him (:

  2. That's awesome! I had done that before too. When Nick and I go to school, there's always this man who stands by the freeway exit and I always want to give him food or something, but I never really have anything with me! I'm going to try and keep little snack foods in the car with me now, because I've seen a ton of people around town! I left some candy in that lunch bag today too (since you mentioned it :P) and a few handwarmers! It was just rewarding to see how grateful he was without even knowing what I was giving him :)