Friday, November 19, 2010

Boots, Scarves, and Snow ..


Oh my! Just a few of the wonderful things that come with the season change :) I'm usually not a huge fan of fall and winter due to the harsh cold weather and all of the wetness, but this year I'm ready for it! I love the crunchy leaves on the ground, the air feeling crisp, and I'm actually ready for the snow! I'm embracing it all :) [I just really hope there's not enough snow to get me stranded, that part is always terrible!] I can't wait for the holidays and all of the cheerfulness that comes along with them! Making presents for everyone this year is part of why I'm so darn excited, too! :D I just wish I could take some awesome pictures. Maybe I'll try with my little point-and-shoot :P

Happy holidays! :D


  1. We shall go on a picture taking adventure! :D

  2. Yes! You can teach me some cool photography skills :)