Saturday, November 13, 2010

Five Years Later

There is so much that can happen in five years. People grow up, fail, succeed, make mistakes, learn lessons, and about a million more things that some experience and others don't. No two people are ever the same. Time changes them, along with experiences and the people they encounter. I can personally say that I am nowhere near the person I was five years ago, when Alexa and I were still good friends and hung out more frequently. But put us together five years later, with no contact in between, and we're still friends like we used to be! We still share stories about our lives, and we still take pictures (This time they're with a nicer camera though, and we're not dressed like gangsters :P) We have deeper conversations and a better grasp on what we want to get out of life. I am truly grateful to have come back in contact with her this past year. We've only hung out twice, but it's nice having someone to talk to. I don't have the best luck with friends, I have those that I'm close with and those that I'll hang out with, but no one that I'm really "best friends" with. Until now, that is. She's not judgmental or hypocritical, she's human. She listens and understands that people have flaws, but that's what makes them all unique. We haven't exactly had the type of conversation where I would be able to experience all of this from her first hand, but I can tell that if I ever did need to go to her with something, she would be there for me, in all of the right ways possible.


  1. Oh my gosh! This was SO sweet! :D I can't wait to see you again bestieee! :D

  2. :D I'm glad you enjoyed it! I can't wait eitherrr!