Thursday, June 30, 2011



Yep, you read that correctly! I am now a working woman! :) No, it's not with Victoria's Secret (although that would have been a really cool job) it's with Armed Forces Bank. It's pretty random, but I'm still so excited! I applied for the position Sunday night, got a call Monday about an interview Wednesday, had my interview at 1:00 and by 4:00 I was hired! Awesome, right? I mean, I've only been applying like crazy for a year, so this is totally fantastic news for me! They're even working around my vacation that's coming up! (15 days to be exact!) Eeeeeep, I can't believe it! Nick is even taking me out to lunch today to celebrate, too! (isn't he just the greatest?!) Well, off to lunch I go! Maybe I'll even wander around the mall for some new work outfits! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things I Love Thursday!

There's nothing I love more than having a good time with people who are close to me!

Surprise Double Dates to Point No Point with the best friend and our boyfriends!

Party at the Pier with our little group of friends + a girls night trip to the casino!
Matching PJ's and some no-longer spikey boy hair!
Mud masks and picking up a friend that's been in New York for the past week at 2 AM!
If you couldn't tell, this past week has seriously been amazing! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that... all of these events have been going on within the last week! We've definitely got some other awesome ideas and plans coming up for this weekend and hopefully the rest of the summer too! We only really have about three weeks left to accomplish so much! Nick and I leave for our Cape Cod adventure around that time (Plus a bonus - NEW YORK! for a few days :) and Alyssa and her family are moving across the country as well around the same time that we leave. It's going to be a sad day when they leave, but that just means that we're going to hang out and have fun like crazy every day until then! And when I say every day, I'm not exaggerating.. I'm babysitting tonight and this is the first time since Sunday that I haven't been with Alyssa. Well, I was actually gone for a few hours yesterday too, but you catch my point.

So, what are y'all (as Alyssa has been saying) loving this week?
Any awesome summer plans?

Graduation Recap!

If any of you have ever gone through a graduation other than your own, you know how stressful things can get! At the end of the day, even when you're exhausted and worn out, you couldn't be happier about how it all went down and even more, the fact that whoever you're supporting has graduated! 

Chelsey had three major days of celebrating and picture taking. The first was her Baccalaureate. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's pretty much a graduation that is faith-based. There are speakers and performers, all preaching about how God is ready to lead you in life. It might sound like church to some, and it sort of is, but it means so much more to those who are participating in the event.

The second big day for her, was actually the biggest day. GRADUATION DAY! I'm pretty sure everyone knows what this is, so no need to explain here..

These are all of the pre-graduation ceremony pictures! Trust me, there were so many more! 

These are her during and after pictures. Boy, oh boy - I took a lot of pictures!

Big day number three was Chelsey's Graduation Party! She had friends and family over to celebrate and it was a very exciting day for everyone!
Congratulations again, Chelsey! 
I couldn't be more proud of you, little sister!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just Letting You All Know..

I'm still alive!
Not that you were worrying or anything, but just in case you were ;)

The past week has been hectic with Chelsey graduating and all,
but things are finally settling down.
And guess what?
She's moving in with us this weekend!
Awesome, right?

Anyways, just stopping by to let you know that's what's holding me back this time..
I promise I'll have a big picture-post soon from her graduation festivities!
Hope you all are doing well!
What's new? :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

One Year Later, and a New Chapter Begins!

One year ago, I graduated from high school. I just finished my first year of college the other day, officially making me a Sophomore. To anyone else, this is all normal stuff. Yeah, it happens, but today is special for me. Today, my younger sister graduates from the very same high school, just one year after her big sister!
Chels and I are only ten months apart, making us not only close in age, but closer as sisters too. Sure, that makes us fight and argue with each other just as much, but I love her nonetheless. I will always be there for her, trying to help and advise her along the way, all while she grows up even more on her own.
I've been there for the dances, to take all of her pictures, to help her with boy drama, and even just as a shoulder to cry on sometimes. I can't believe that she's made it this far, in such a short time, too! It seems like this last year since I've graduated has flown by, bringing this special day upon us so much sooner.
Chelsey, I love you. I could not be more proud of who you are growing up to be, and that you have come this far. You have so much strength and determination for someone your age. I cannot wait for you to move in with us next week so that we are able to have our sisterly relationship how it used to be again. I love you, little sis, with all the love a big sister can have. You're an amazing person, and although today is the end of your high school career, it is really only the beginning of the rest of your life. 

Monday, May 30, 2011

One of those perfect summer days... Minus the weather!

I love days when I get to hang out with my best friend, don't you? Well even if you don't, yesterday was one of those days for me! This is Alyssa, and I've mentioned her once on this little bloggity blog before. She's up from Texas for the summer! At least until she and her family move to Tennessee.. (it's kind of a bummer, but I know it'll be nice for her to be closer to her family when she goes back to school.) Anyways. I was finally able to hang out with her yesterday and it was perfect. We literally sat on her bedroom floor for hours and just talked. About everything. Just going and going from one topic to the next. I love catching up with this girl. But then we decided that we should go out on an adventure, or just out in general, it just sounds cooler calling it an adventure, and we went to Target and the mall, finding awesome ideas for crafts, surprises, and double dates that we're planning on doing before she moves! So excited! Since it wasn't too cold or anything either yesterday, we went down to the waterfront and walked along the dock taking pictures (see above) and played on the toys a little bit. By the way, monkey bars are way harder when you're 19. Just sayin. It was one of those perfect summer days (besides the weather) where you're with your best friend and just go out and do whatever you can come up with.

How has your weekend been going? It's a nice three-day one!
What do you consider a perfect summer day?
 Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anxiously Waiting + a quick Things I Love Thursday

So as I promised, I'd tell you all how my interview went. There were three other girls besides myself, and Victoria's Secret's hiring manager, Alicia. (She's such a doll, by the way) Anyways. We were all asked the basic "Why do you want to work for Victoria's Secret?" question, and then we were each asked one additional question each, with each girl getting a different question. We were then informed that only two would be hired, and that references would be checked, then the decision would be made. Overall, it only lasted like 15-20 minutes, which was really surprising to me. So now all I can do is wait... fingers crossed!

And for something new...
                              partially because I just went shopping with Nick...
                                                                                                here are some things I've been loving lately!

1. These navy colored sneakers. Totally look like Vans, but only $9! And so comfy. **
2. This Merona floppy summer hat! Thinking of trying this for Cape Cod this summer!
3. This bikini top. I've had VS bottoms for a while, and this top matches perfectly! So fun w/ the color! **
4. These ballet flats. I've been liking them more and more lately. The ruffle is so fun!
5. These sandals! Again, something new that I'm trying out, but I'm totally in love!
6. These floral sandals! (Yes, same ones as before) love the floral and frill together though!
** If you follow me on Twitter, these are the ones that Nick bought me today!

Oh, and I've been reading like crazy lately too!
I'm pretty sure these books speak for themselves, and they're all great reads. I'm on Something Blue as of tonight, and I totally skipped around in order (mostly because I wanted to read Water for Elephants before seeing the movie, then I didn't have money to buy Something Blue yet so I started Skinny!)

There are all kinds of other things I'm obsessed over lately, like some cool color combos, and just Spring and Summer-y things, especially those summer tunes! (The Ataris - In This Diary .. thanks Kaelah Bee for the tweet about it!) If you're actually interested in what I'm loving this week, head over to my Pinterest and check out my boards!

What are you loving this week?