Friday, November 19, 2010

Current goal: A nice camera!

I have decided that I desperately want a camera. Not the little Nikon Coolpix digital one I have now (although I do love my little camera), but a really really nice one! I have no clue as to where I would get the money for it though. Maybe a birthday present to myself? :) I've got awhile to save up until then, so who knows! I miss photography though. I might not take the best pictures in the world, but something about just getting to use it for whatever I want and all of the cool tricks that come along with a nice one! So for now, that is my personal goal :) to buy myself a nice camera!

Which brand is the best though? Nikon or Canon? Those are the two that I see most often. Help, please :)


    You should look into a Rebel XTI, XS, or XSI (:
    I have the XS and it's wonderful!

    And you DO take awesome pictures m'dear! (:

  2. Well thank you m'dear! :D

    I'll look into them!
    I really like just walking around taking pictures with a big camera around my neck! Hah (: