Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Break

Ah, the life of college students! Month long Winter Break, face paced classes, choosing what classes to take and when - I love it all! If you couldn't already tell, today was my last day of my first quarter in college! I think it went really well too, if I do say so myself :) I can't wait to start Winter quarter, I really hope I can get all of the classes I want!

Anyhow, this weekend is going to be awesomely amazing! My youngest sister, Isabelle, is staying the night tonight and I'm babysitting since Nick is working. I get to buy my Twilight:Eclipse movie at midnight :P (no, I'm not obsessed with them. They're just good books and movies). And tomorrow.. JINGLE BELL BASH! I'm so overly excited for this, it's ridiculous :)

What a way to end the week!

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