Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Decorating!

Today made me so happy :) I was talking to Nick this morning about how cute I think it would be to have Christmas lights strung around my window and to have a baby Christmas tree in my room, and guess what? He surprised me by taking me out shopping to buy both!

So now I have a baby white Christmas tree, with the bright colored bulbs that I think are awesome on my nightstand, and the classic multicolored bulbs above my window! It all made me so happy, I loved it!

 I just wish it was easier to take pictures of the two of us doing all of this together, but it mostly ends up with Nick decorating and me taking pictures :P oh well, Nick said if I really wanted pictures of me decorating too, we could take certain pieces of it apart so I can get a picture putting it all up and together too :P isn't he just the greatest? (:

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