Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Yes, that's right, frogs. They have decided that my throat would be a good place for them to stay for a while. Everyone around me has had some sort of little bug lately, too. Isabelle had her stomach bug, Nick had caught a touch of a head cold, and now I sound like I have frogs in my throat. Awesome. Thankfully I don't feel terrible though, it just hurts a little to talk right now. Ever heard of "Fisherman's Friends"? I sure as hell hadn't. Apparently they're these super cough drops though, so let's hope they work! On the up side, I think I did really well on my Marriage & Family final this morning! Yippppie :D

But what was up with all of the thunder and lightning on my way into school? It's was tripppy! Did anyone else witness the crazy quick storm this morning as well?

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