Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Two Thousand Eleven

You are off to a good start! New Years was awesome for me, and a huge relief. Getting together with good friends is always nice when it hasn't happened in a few months! January is all around a month to celebrate though! Nick's birthday was the third, mine is the 29th, and we're one month away from our two years! I can't wait! :D!

College has been off to an awesome start as well! I got into all of my classes (even though I registered like three days before classes actually started :P) and I love all of them! It turns out I know at least one person in every class too! Woot :)

I just can't complain lately! My new year is off to an awesome start so far and I'm loving all of it :) maybe it's the exercise from playing Dance Central and Sports on Kinect, maybe it's actually being around new people, who knows!

Happy Wednesday, all!


  1. That's great news! :) Hope the rest of your year is just as spectacular. :)

    Side note, I have yet to know someone who has done college who has signed up early, lol.

  2. HEY! I signed up early (:
    hahah then again I'm a mega-nerd (8


  3. Thank you very much! I hope you have a fantastic year as well :)

    Alexa - don't worry, you're still my friend :)
    I'm definitely signing up early for Spring though! At least that's my plan so far :P