Thursday, April 7, 2011

Welcome Home!

As you've kind of been hearing (I guess reading is more appropriate :p) that I moved into a new place! I'm still living with my mom and her boyfriend for now, and my sister is moving in with us after graduation! I'm excited, but honestly a tad bummed that I won't have my own room anymore ;\ but oh well, it'll be good bonding!

I've been meaning to take pictures and post them here, but by the time I'm done unpacking and organizing, and reorganizing, I'm pooped! I'll be sure to get on that soon though :)

Something else is different lately too! I'm not really sure what it is, or even why it's changing now.. But there's definitely another change going on other than with the weather! I know that probably doesn't make much sense, but I just feel better. Happier. Confident. Maybe it's the new place, or maybe something great is coming up. Who knows. I just know I'm going with it, it's too good to fight.


  1. Good news for good changes, I always have a hard time with change, so I'm glad yours is making you happy :)

  2. Thanks! I'm not always the best with changes either, but this one is good! I think it's important to have a few bigger changes every now and again :)