Monday, April 25, 2011

Lifestyle Changes + Some Massive Goals!

So as I was browsing some new blogs today, I came across a post on Miss Indie's blog! It definitely inspired me to write about the new plan Nick and I are going on. A good friend of ours recently went on a health food kick, so we're trying it out too! Here's sort of a quick run down of what I came up with (I even borrowed some ideas from Miss Indie too!) --

- We're cutting out all processed foods (minus cheese!) Everything will be as fresh and healthy as possible.
- Fruits and vegetables will become a HUGE part of our diet. Protein is important still too, though.
- I've definitely cut down on my soda intake lately, but now I'm going to attempt to cut it out entirely! I need to get better about drinking more water, so hopefully this will help!
- Nick takes his vitamins religiously, so now I'm going to try too! Fish Oil, Vitamin C + whatever else I need!
- I need to start working out or getting exercise daily; I think I'm going to try some yoga DVD's!
- Bedtime will be by 12:00 every night, and up by 8:00 every morning (earlier for school!)
- I am going to take more time to hang out with friends and have fun. Try new things and not hold back!
- I am going to stop putting things off. I procrastinate like no other and then nothing gets done.
- I'm going to have a better outlook on life. Be more positive, and have that I-can-do-anything attitude! I too often think that I can't do things simply because I'm not good enough at them, or I might mess up.
- Relaxing time is going to become a must. I get too stressed too much, and it's not healthy. I'm determined to find a me-time activity!

This is just a quick list that I came up with/edited! As more ideas come to me, I'll definitely put them up but I thought it would help me get started on things if I made it possible for everyone else to read my current goals!


  1. First of all thanks so much for the follow! Yay! Right back atcha!
    I, too, read her post and am doing the same thing right now...just got back from grocery shopping - lots of healthy food!
    Happy Tuesday! xxx

  2. You're most certainly welcome, thank you too! That's so awesome that so many people are doing things just like this. It's always awesome to see how much different grocery shopping is once it's healthy! Have a great day! :)

  3. Just came across your blog today, I really like it. And a lot of the things on your list are things I'm trying to do too. Except the fish oil vitamin, I don't think I can ever take that.

  4. Thanks! That's awesome :) yeah, it definitely took me a while to get used to taking fish oil, those things are huuuge :P haha