Saturday, April 23, 2011

Calling all Star Wars fans!

So I'm not a huge Star Wars fan or anything, but my boyfriend's little brothers absolutely love it! And guess what? There just happened to be an exhibit in town featuring everything used in all of the movies! Awesome, right? So we all played hookie from school (the boys were thrilled!) and spent the day in Seattle!

This was just the start of our trip! We took some silly and cute pictures on the ferry, and once we were off, Nick took over and started playing "tour guide" for the boyos, since it was their first real trip to Seattle! (at least wandering around during the day!)

But then the boys (including Nick!) started to get anxious, and bored with the wandering. They wanted to go to the exhibit already! So we trekked our way up to the Pacific Science Center, and wa-lah! The Star Wars Exhibit!

 These are just some of the pictures I took in the 

Annnd, of course some pictures in front of the sign! We just couldn't resist ;)

There are tonns more pictures on my laptop from that day, but it would just bombard you ;) haha. I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek though! It was really such a fun day, and an awesome experience for the little ones!

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