Thursday, February 17, 2011

My First Valentines Day Home!

It's weird to think that Nick and I will have been together for two years next week, yet this will be our third Valentines Day together! Well, sort of. The past two Valentines Days I have been in Oregon for a youth conference called DYC. Those two trips were awesome and I couldn't have been closer to God then, but now that I'm out of high school, I was able to be home for my first Valentines Day with Nick! <3

So here are some pictures of what we had going on that day! :D!

This is what Nick set up for me in my room while I was still getting ready for class :)

Our delicious Bella Bella Cupcakes! All of their new flavors for the month, plus my favorite too :)
Lemon Raspberry!

Making Valentines, just like when I was little!

My five year old sister, Isabelle, making her first Valentines too!
I was so happy to get to spend this first with her! :D!

And since Nick took the weekend off for our anniversary, he got stuck working Valentines Day ): But I was able to surprise him during his meal break though with a little homemade dinner! (if you know me at all, I don't really cook :p)

So there it is guys, my very first Valentines Day home with Nick! These are only a few of the pictures that I took that day, but I figured these captured it all! I hope you all had as good of a time as I did!


  1. Is that a... bacon cupcake..? o__O
    I still bet it was good hahah!

    This was a very cute post! :D

  2. Sort of! haha. It's called a La Petite Cochon (something French :P) but it's like a french toast cupcake with maple frosting and a piece of bacon on top! But I was too chicken to eat the bacon :P

    Thanks though :D!
    It was a suuper cute day with him!