Saturday, February 19, 2011


They're supposed to be there for you regardless of your past. They're supposed to love you unconditionally, and wish you the best. They aren't, on the other hand, supposed to make your life terrible. Sure, they're doing what "they think is best for the situation at hand", but that doesn't include taking away real family.

From left to right:
Me in the blue dress | Emily with the blonde hair and braces | Our mom, Monica, in the purple top with black jacket |
First youngest sister, Chelsey, with the purple top and black skirt | And youngest sister, Isabelle, on momma's lap :)

 Emily, my second youngest sister (and the one on the top row next to me), was adopted by an aunt and uncle in a time of a desperate need for help on May 11, 2010. They said this was what was best, and they would never take her away from us or try to be us, her real family. Well, we now know that was a load of crap. My mom received a phone call from her brother, the uncle that adopted her, saying we will no longer be allowed to see Emily. After seeing her every week, to every other week, to once every other month, to now not at all? Fantastic.

Really guys? She's OUR sister, NOT your daughter. From Emily Christine to Emily Christine Anne? Yeah right. (In case you're lost, everyone in their family has Anne as a part of their middle name). You are still her aunt and uncle, regardless of what she calls you two. And quite honestly, you are losing respect from you family members each and every day. I can't believe you all. Taking away our phone privileges with her, canceling visits with her, blaming us for your insecurities when it comes to her. No thank you. I won't be putting up with this anymore. Especially after today. The way you treated your own mother? Not acceptable. at. all. End of story. You're lucky she didn't press charges against you. There is so much more I could say about this, but I'm trying to keep it somewhat civil, and this is where it ends.

Picture taken probably a week before Christmas, the last time I was actually allowed and able to see Emily.  
Thankfully, we both live in in the same city, and I got lucky and ran into her at Wal-Mart sometime closer to Christmas! 
Awesome, but almost pathetic, right? Oh well. I take what I can get!

Just know that I WE love you, Emily Christine! Me, Mom, Chels, and Iz! You will always be our sister and momma's daughter, and nothing in the world will ever change that! You mean more to us than anything else and we look forward to the day that we will be able to see you again. Hope to hear from you soon! I love you sooo much, chicka! <3

Love Always,
Your Biggest Sissy,
Ashley! :)

I know God will not give me a problem that I cannot handle.



  1. Oh my gosh, Ashley! I had NO idea this was going on! ): I know you are a strong person, and although I don't know Emily, I know she must be strong too, considering you guys are sisters. Keep your chin up and if you everrr need someone to talk to, you KNOW I'm here. I love you best frienddd (:

  2. Thanks Alexa! We just got the call about us not being able to see her anymore two days ago. It's really dumb but we're trying to stay strong about it all and not completely flip out on them. It's not as easy as it sounds though!