Friday, February 18, 2011


DYC is that youth conference I was telling you all about that is usually Valentines Day weekend, and why this year was the first one I've actually spent here with Nick!

But anyways, I was browsing Facebook and saw that today is the first day! TEAR. I miss going there excited for the long weekend ahead and coming home closer than ever to God. The worship is always fantastic, and it's almost like a mini concert with them since everyone rushes to the stage to see who can be front row for the songs! Oh, and the messages and speakers? Uhhh-mazing!

This was the logo from last year, probably my favorite year too. I remember during one of the messages I completely started bawling. Not because I was sad though. I just felt this enormous closeness with Christ and it overwhelmed me. The music, the setting, the people around me. It was all so perfect. Words can't even begin to describe that moment in my life. It was almost like I just let everything around me go for those few moments.

The whole video is fantastic, and a recap of some of the moments from two years ago! If you skip ahead (after) or pay attention to 1:33, that's me and my friend Melissa dancing around, having a blast :D!

and just for the fun of it, this was for Late Night at the Hoop. Pretty much a 3 on 3 basketball tournament along with volleyball, soccer, and cheering for those around you! So, Mackenzie and I decided to get dressed up for the event! I wish I had an outfit picture.. but this is Erik w/a "K", the leader of the whole DYC event! He's awesome to say the least :)

I really wish I could be at DYC this year, but I hope that everyone who was able to go gets the absolute most out of it! These are only a few of the pictures I have from my two years, but trust me, I have sooo many more!

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