Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday with the Oscars

Wooot, they were tonight!

I love watching them to see everyone all dressed up :) Nick even watched it all with me and gave input on what he liked and didn't like. Inception was definitely a favorite of his ;)

Overall, it was just a lazy day for us. It was nice to just lounge all day in comfy clothes and do nothing. Especially after celebrating our anniversary Friday and Saturday!

How did you all like the Oscars? What's your favorite part? Was your weekend amazing?
:) Happy Sunday, all!


  1. Oscars were okay. Bro and I got a new game so we spent it playing that. I hated it afterwards cause I had a ton of stuff to do, lol. Oh well, this week.

  2. Ahh, games! Haha. Well, hopefully you get everything you need to done this week!