Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello May!

I can't wait for am so excited that it's May! For all of the beautiful spring flowers to start popping up like crazy, and most of all, for the sunshine that starts to become more regular with this month! I'm so ready for some nice weather, and this past week has been an awesome preview so far! But seriously, where has the time gone lately? It's hard to believe that I'm already in my sixth week of the last quarter of my Freshman year! (there are ten weeks!) Crazy, right? My first year of college flew by! (and I know, I know.. we're already a few days into May, but I've been a little time-crunched when it comes to blogging, and wasn't able to finish this post the other day! oops..) but anyways, it's crazy to think that I'm only one year away from moving to another city for the remainder of my college career -- living on my own with Nick! Shoot, we'll only be dating for three and a half years by then, so why not?! Right? Then two more years after that, I'll be out in the real world, hopefully starting my counseling career!

What are some dreams and goals that you all have?
I love hearing about what others are aspiring to be and do with their lives! 

Ps. Thanks for being patient and sticking with me when I don't get around to posting for a while! 
You guys are awesome :)


  1. Mm, I'm mostly still trying to figure out what exactly I want to do. I thought I knew, but I'm not so sure lately.

    Me & Alexa have blogged about dreams/life plans the last two days though, if you wanna check those out :D

  2. That's always awesome though, just to live for the day while you figure things out!

    I'll definitely check those out, though, thanks!