Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anxiously Waiting + a quick Things I Love Thursday

So as I promised, I'd tell you all how my interview went. There were three other girls besides myself, and Victoria's Secret's hiring manager, Alicia. (She's such a doll, by the way) Anyways. We were all asked the basic "Why do you want to work for Victoria's Secret?" question, and then we were each asked one additional question each, with each girl getting a different question. We were then informed that only two would be hired, and that references would be checked, then the decision would be made. Overall, it only lasted like 15-20 minutes, which was really surprising to me. So now all I can do is wait... fingers crossed!

And for something new...
                              partially because I just went shopping with Nick...
                                                                                                here are some things I've been loving lately!

1. These navy colored sneakers. Totally look like Vans, but only $9! And so comfy. **
2. This Merona floppy summer hat! Thinking of trying this for Cape Cod this summer!
3. This bikini top. I've had VS bottoms for a while, and this top matches perfectly! So fun w/ the color! **
4. These ballet flats. I've been liking them more and more lately. The ruffle is so fun!
5. These sandals! Again, something new that I'm trying out, but I'm totally in love!
6. These floral sandals! (Yes, same ones as before) love the floral and frill together though!
** If you follow me on Twitter, these are the ones that Nick bought me today!

Oh, and I've been reading like crazy lately too!
I'm pretty sure these books speak for themselves, and they're all great reads. I'm on Something Blue as of tonight, and I totally skipped around in order (mostly because I wanted to read Water for Elephants before seeing the movie, then I didn't have money to buy Something Blue yet so I started Skinny!)

There are all kinds of other things I'm obsessed over lately, like some cool color combos, and just Spring and Summer-y things, especially those summer tunes! (The Ataris - In This Diary .. thanks Kaelah Bee for the tweet about it!) If you're actually interested in what I'm loving this week, head over to my Pinterest and check out my boards!

What are you loving this week?


  1. the navy sneakers are great, i need to get back to reading.

    what i'm loving this week: the song Your Arms Around Me by Jens Lekman and mango ice cream

  2. Thanks! Reading is definitely something I'm very recently getting back into. But I think it's a nice summer hobby!

    I haven't heard that song before, but I'm definitely going to check that out now! And mango ice cream?! That sounds delicious :)

  3. I love all those items you posted!! I definitely love that style of sneakers (I have a pair :D), and any flat bottom shoes- I'll take!! Although, not all of them fit me... lol. What can I say? It's hard finding size 10 in shoes ;D

    I've heard of Water for Elephants and want to read it :) Also want to see the movie!! It has Rob Pattinson in it... what can go wrong ;)


  4. Oh yes- good luck with the job!! Hope you get it! <3

  5. Aren't they the best? I love all kinds of flats and such - especially when you find ones that fit you perfectly!

    Haha, Robert Pattinson was awesome in the movie! Such a difference from Edward ;) The book is a great read too! And thanks for the good luck!