Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Butterflies and Excitement

So here I am, sitting at Nick's house while he's at the gym. I'm working on an English paper that is due in a few hours, contemplating outfits for tonight in my head, and trying to tame these wild butterflies that are currently growing inside of my stomach. Why, you ask, am I anxious? Well that's easy. I have a job interview tonight with Victoria's Secret! Awesome, right? (even though I'm super nervous, I promise I'm even more excited!) I've applied everywhere and always get a call (or those annoying emails) saying that I don't qualify for some reason, but they appreciate me taking the time to apply. Well, I've always dreamed of being able to work in VS out of anywhere in my mall, just because I love the store and atmosphere so much. With that being said, I mustered up enough courage the other week to apply, checked on my application, and now I have an interview! I've known for almost a week now, so it's making it a little harder to be so calm, but I'm feeling confident! I also haven't told very many people about the interview, just to sort of keep it to myself and only think about it when I feel like it. It's helping too! Thanks to all of you who wished me luck! I'll be sure to post later how it went!


  1. Goodluck! Hope you get it :)

    This is so exciting! :D
    I know you did fantastic, m'dear! :D

    (Do you think I used enough ':D' faces?! hahah)

  3. Thanks everyone for the good luck wishes!

    Alexa, like I said, I didn't really tell anyone. My mom and Chad, Chels, Nick and his family was really it. Just because I don't want to get my hopes up too much in case I don't get it, then have to tell everyone :P Thanks for being so excited though! :D