Sunday, March 27, 2011

Donald Braun

I was only able to meet him twice, but he was a great man. He is Nick's grandpa, and so many more things to others as well. The sad part is, he passed away just this past Saturday morning. Nick was planning on going to visit him anyways for Spring Break, but ended up leaving a day early due to his passing. It was really hard for him to not be able to say goodbye to his grandfather, but the ceremony earlier today was beautiful. Nick was even asked to read Psalm 23, being their eldest grandson. He did a wonderful job, and I know it would have made his grandpa proud, especially since his grandma was so happy from it.

The ceremony was full of wonderful music, and stories of love and support from the family members. Even those who barely knew him were able to grasp an understanding of how wonderful of a person he was. I am truly grateful to be able to say that I met him, and was even able to spend a little time talking to him just last year. He was truly a fighter in life, and overcame so much. He will be missed dearly, but loved by everyone even more.

"Dad, I have an idea"......
                   "Let's talk about that"
(a quote that Peter, Nick's dad, put into the ceremony program.
it really defined the relationship he had with his kids.)

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