Friday, March 11, 2011

Sometimes it takes a storm.. Or just a best friend.

I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately, and I guess you could say that sometimes it takes a storm to realize what you really have and even want. Maybe it wasn't really the storm though, it could have just been spending time with a good friend and realizing how nice it is to be so close with a person, even when they're gone.

Meet Alyssa. She and I have been best friends since junior year in high school when our boyfriends were best friends. We wouldn't have known each other without them, and the four of us used to do everything together. We hit a few rough patches along the way, especially closer to graduation, which made going off to college a little sad (she goes to Baylor in Texas). We were able to talk it all out though, and now we're as good as ever! It's always nice to hang out and talk when she's home from school too. It makes me miss how things used to be sometimes.

Either way, I love when she comes home from Baylor for her breaks. We usually get together at least once and do something for a whole day. Yesterday, I went over to her house and we just hung out and talked. We got Wendy's for dinner, then eventually made it back to her house for a game night! It was awesome, and I'm so happy I was able to enjoy myself like that with someone other than Nick (not that I don't love enjoying myself with him!) since it doesn't happen very often.

Oh, and since yesterday's weather was crazy stormy - I stopped by the waterfront to take some pictures. I've been getting better about keeping my camera with me all the time lately, and it's really paid off! Nick even surprises me sometimes and will pull over when he knows I'll get a good shot ;)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
Nick and I are going to see Battle: LA tonight after he gets off work :) 
He's been so excited for it to come out, and I promised him I would go with opening night!


  1. This last shot with the sunburst is amazing!

  2. Sorry about being so late getting back to this, thank you so much though!